Dear Bonny,

Thanks again for all your hard work. You are amazing at what you do. Both of our families are supper happy and truly enjoyed every moment of the wedding because you helped thing move so seamlessly. May God continue to bless your business and open more doors.

With love,
-Wendy and Chris


Thank you so much for making our dream wedding a reality. I honestly don't think we would have been able to pull off our wedding in two months without you. We appreciate all your hard work not only the day of but all the days leading up to the wedding. Your tireless efforts from building items for our wedding to setting up decor was truly amazing. Not only are you great at what you do, you can really see and feel that you truly love it! Thank you again so much for being a part of our wedding!!

-Mary and Ron


You are the best coordinator and more amazing than we ever expected! Thank you for being such an incredible person and friend! Nate and I are ridiculously grateful!

-Nate and Jill Wassil


Thank you for your miraculous execution of logistics. We loved all of your personal touches, creativity, suggestions, dedication and encouragement throughout the planning process. You took the time to get to know our personalities and gained insight to our likes and needs, and you turned our wedding into something better than we thought was possible!

-Rick and Fernando

Bonny was hands down the BEST investment we made in our wedding. Bonny was very proactive in helping us beyond her line of duty, yet never being intrusive or pushy.

She was way more than just my reception coordinator. She drove out of her way to accompany us to meet with other vendors, she helped us pull a vision together, she put together our entire wedding day schedule, she made great vendor suggestions, she sent us reminders, she sorted out overlooked details, she listened to my rants. You can't help but develop a friendship when working so closely with somebody. =)

My husband and I highly recommends Bonny! We wish Bonny and her growing business many years of success. I feel like I want to throw a big party just so that I can see Bonny again!

-Ai-Viet and Thien Huynh

"I've had the honor of working with Bonny in preparation for my daughter's wedding. We called her late in the game and were so pleased that she took on the huge responsibility of coordinating the wedding reception. Firstly, she met with the bride and mother of the bride to be sure we were on the same page, then took it upon herself to visit the site and see what needed attention. Her suggestions were remarkable and made for a much better looking reception! Bonny spent hours before and after the big day to assure a fun and beautiful day for us. Her organizations skills are commendable! Bonny did many numerous things that enhanced our day! She worked to keep everything timely and running smoothly. I have to say she was the first to come and the last to leave! I would highly recommend her talents for any party, big or small."

-Jean Francois

Dear Bonny,

Thank you so much for doing such an excellent job on our wedding. Every detail was thought of before hand and executed the day of perfectly. Our wedding was seamless. We couldn't have asked for more. Your love and passion for event planning is so evident in everything you do. Thank you again!

Damon & Traci Gohata

Dear Bonny,

Thank you for the wonderful job you did on our wedding. You went the extra mile to make the day a magical one. You did a great job taking care of every little detail for us. Everything was perfect and we had an amazing time.

Cliff & Thao Parchman

Thank you Bonny for making our wedding so incredibly special! We can't imagine what the wedding planning journey would have been like for the two of us had you not been involved every step of the way. The time and effort you put into planning our wedding was far beyond what we had thought a planner would do, and we know you went above and beyond what we had contracted you to do. Thank you for adding all the little details and for all the wonderful ideas that turned a simple concept into a wedding that truly showcased our love and personalities. We loved it all! Thank you again... we look forward to working with you for future events!

Ryan & Lily Kirkland

"Bonny by far is one of the BEST wedding coordinators!! Not only is she professional and organized, she is there for you every step of the way! In no way shape or form am I a girly girl who's had their dream wedding planned since the age of 5... But Bonny made sure I had the perfect wedding. I've never seen a wedding coordinator drop what she's doing just to come look at a venue!! Words can't even begin to describe the amazing job Bonny did on the wedding day! She thought of several things I totally would have forgotten about and she even managed to get us ahead of schedule! Most people have several blunders on the day of their wedding, but I can't think if any! I was able to completely enjoy my wedding stress free because Bonny took care of everything! My wedding day is something I'll probably remember for the rest of my life thanks to Bonny!"

-Jackie Loo

Dear Bonny,

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and help to make my baby shower a very special and memorable day. I absolutely loved the safari themed food and treats that you made. Everything was planned out so well, down to the smallest details. I look forward to having you help me plan future events.

-Olivia Wogen

"I've attended two weddings planned by B-Spoke events--the first as a bridesmaid and the second as a guest. I worked as a wedding photographer for 5 years and have worked with many planners. In my years working as a photographer, there were perhaps 4 weddings that were ever completely on time. I was incredibly impressed by Bonny's team, who kept track of all the events and made sure everything was on time. Both brides (my sister and a cousin of mine) got to really relax and enjoy the day because everything was taken care of. I always recommended my clients hire a planner to really be able to enjoy their day, and Bonny is the perfect example of what a great wedding planner can do for you. Additionally, the events were gorgeous and had really unique touches (like a s'mores bar!)."

-Tea Ho

"As a Floral Designer, Wedding Decorator, and Perfectionist, I work with many different vendors on daily basis and can allow myself to compare the businesses I work with. I've had the chance to work with Bonny many times now; Bonny just loves what she does and is very passionate about her job. She will definitely put her heart and soul to help you realize your Dream Wedding and that is why she is the #1 Wedding Planner I refer to all my clients."

-To-Nga Bui

Dearest Bonny,
Thank you so much for all your hard work on our wedding day. We really appreciated all your attention to detail and for how much you & your team held it together for us! We would've been so lost without you that day.
You're the best!
Love, April & Brandon